What hours are you open?

Monday - Friday 11am to 9pm
Saturday + Sunday 9am to 9pm


Can I get my order to-go?
Absolutely! Just mention that to our cashier when you order. You can also call in your order and we'll have it ready for you to pick-up! However, we aren’t able to accomodate to-go orders during brunch, given how busy that time is for us! Thanks for understanding!

Do you take reservations?
Nope! You don't need one :) We are a casual, counter service restaurant. Just place your order at the counter with our cashier, grab your number and we'll come find you when your food is ready! If you should need anything else once you've sat down at a table (another drink, a slice of pie, etc.), there's no need to stand in line again. Just get the attention of any of our helpful staff and they will be happy to bring you whatever you need!

Really? No reservations? But I have a special event and I want to make sure I get a table.
We are honored that you chose Bellhop for your special event, unfortunately, the seating is first come, first served, so we can't hold a table for you. Our line tends to move pretty quickly, and any of our staff is always more than happy to get you a drink at the bar while you wait.

Can you accommodate large parties?
We absolutely can! Our layout makes it easy to combine tables to seat larger parties, but please keep in mind that enough tables adjacent to one another may not be available at the same time. Also, food/drinks will come out as they were ordered at the counter, not necessarily together. But if these things aren't a big deal to you, then the more the merrier!

What can I eat? I'm dairy free/gluten free/paleo/vegetarian/vegan...
Lots of things! Since our menu is made from scratch, we can easily modify many dishes to suit your dietary restrictions.

For instance, all of our sandwiches can be made as a salad for gluten free/paleo diners. Our pasta dough consists of flour + water (no eggs), so it is suitable for vegans/vegetarians. Cheese can easily be omitted from sandwiches and salads for our dairy free/vegan customers. Please let our cashier know about your dietary restrictions when ordering and he/she can happily give you some suggestions.

What local farms do you purchase from?
Here's a list of farms that Bellhop currently uses:
Afton Field Farm
Alsea Acres
Deep Roots Farm
First Fruits Farm
Fraiser Creek Farm
Gathering Together Farm
Newell Seafoods
Rainshine Family Farm
Red Hat Melons

Always feel free to ask where a particular menu item comes from. We LOVE to talk about our awesome farmers!